Drop Tower II — Repeating a Favourite

On November 17th we lift-off into space and discover microgravity and what it means.

We welcome you to take part in the 2014 Drop Tower Event. During the evening several experiments are conducted to test and investigate microgravity – we will be using a Drop Tower! – and you will have possibilities to contribute in any way you like. We will have two guests with us throughout the evening; Sven Grahn – a Swedish space enthusiast with enormous knowledge of Sweden’s part in the space technology area, and Heike Schneider from SSC – the Swede who has been in a state of weightlessness the most number of times after Christer Fuglesang!

Time and Date: November 17th at 5.15 pm.

Venue: Lindstedtsvägen 30 (“Sing-Sing”) at KTH in Stockholm.

The event is completely free and no pre-registration is required. But if you want more information or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact student@rymdcenter.se.


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