Drop Tower 2014

Tonight we held our second Drop Tower Event – and it was even more interesting than last year. Sheltered from drizzly rain and autumn winds, we had no problems dropping our experiments from the second story balcony in Sing-Sing! What happened? See for yourself below! (And watch our videos at the CFSC Student Facebook page!)

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SpaceUp Sweden 2014

SpaceUp Sweden 2014 – this is what happened: 08.27 – Preparations before eveyone arrives 09.12 – People are arriving and registering 10.05 – Christer Fuglesang speaking 11.39 – Sven Grahn speaking 12.25 – Lining up for group photo. Christer Fuglesang takes a selfie with me and Hannah Lindberg! 13.59 – Time for CFSC Student at […]

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CFSC Student på Teknikdagarna 2014

CFSC Student på Teknikdagarna 2014

CFSC Student var på plats under Teknikdagarna 2014 som anordnades för sjunde året i rad av Sveriges Ingenjörer. Trots kallt majväder, var uppfinnarstämningen livlig i tälten i Kungsträdgården. Alltifrån robothundar till bilar som drivs på sol och svävare som man kan resa jorden runt på, såg ljuset i händerna på nyfikna och påhittiga låg- och mellanstadieelever från Stockholms skolor.

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Tickets to Tourism Gala 2013

In December 2013 CFSC Student was proud to be able to offer students at KTH tickets to the Tourism Gala 2013. This information was posted in connection with the event on the old website: “In cooperation with the Friends for Christer Fuglesang Space Center, CFSC Student has gotten the unique opportunity to offer a limited […]

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Drop Tower

Thursday the 14th of November 2013 we held the first event ever organized by CFSC Student – The Drop Tower Event! This description of the event is found at the old website: “Thursday the 14th of November we take off from the gravity field of the Earth and spend a night with focus on weightlessness. Welcome […]

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